Magnetic Survey

Magnetic Survey in Kenya & East Africa

Seeing Beneath The Rocks. Magnetic surveys are typically employed in mineral exploration to identify metallic subsurface structures either directly (ore), indirectly identifying gangue minerals associated with the ore itself or magnetic destruction in alteration zones. It is a fantastic mapping tool.

In urban and industrial applications, magnetic methods  allow the identification of structures such as:

  • Piles
  • Reinforced concrete foundations
  • Underground storage tanks and drums
  • Hazardous materials related to waste rock
  • Geoforensics

Magnetic surveys are also widely used in the coal fields to delineate coal-bearing sequences as the sediments containing the coal beds commonly have a low magnetic susceptibility in contrast to the country-rock.


  • High Resolution
  • Rapid Acquisition – Large Fleet
  • Non Destructive
  • Rapid Imaging and Data Turn Around
  • Minerals and Coal Exploration
  • Target Drilling
  • Safe Battery Operated

Common Applications

Mineral Prospecting

Seismic & Non-Seismic Acquisition

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