We utilize 10', 20',40' and custom-sized containers to create spaces like Offices, Accommodations, Hotels, Ablutions, Industrial Units, Villas, Retail Zones, Cafes & Kitchens, Mobile Caravans, and Mega Camps (for Mining, Military & Rehabilitation Purposes).

We sell, hire out, install and maintain containerized solutions in Kenya and the East Africa region.

Containers are strong, secure, and modular, making them the perfect solution for just about any instant space requirement. They can be modified and converted into virtually any space, and their durability allows for these spaces to be moved and positioned to form individual or multiple container structures. They are not only suited to rapid delivery due to their modular nature but are also perfect for remote camps as a “plug and play” solution for everything from office and accommodation requirements to medical facilities and training rooms.

Concept Designs

Our in-house design team is specialized in developing our client's imagination right from the mood board to a realistic layout and achievable design. We believe in bringing out our own flavor and fun to these concepts always keeping the client's requirement at foresight.


Accommodation Units

Containerized Accommodation Units have always come in handy where immediate accommodation is required. Our units can either come fully equipped with beds, cabinets, air conditioners, insulated and non-insulated, or just as empty shells with all the cutouts needed.

Office Spaces

Shipping container offices provide a flexible workspace anywhere from your back garden to construction sites. Site offices can be permanent or temporary structures which can be relocated. Portable offices are low cost compared to traditional office buildings as a "one-off" outlay with no ongoing rent and can be tailored to your requirements with a range of features.

Ablution Blocks

Our Ablution Blocks are insulated for optimum temperature control and are fitted with urinals, cubicles, hot and cold water, and functional windows to improve natural airflow. Separate male and female facilities are also available, and our ‘plug and play’ plumbing ensures quick and easy deployment.

Laundry Units

Since the washing machines are mounted on extendable rails, it takes less than 5 minutes to pull out a unit for servicing. The transport protection mechanism for the washing machines is functional when both installing and dismantling the container. Two high-capacity extractor fans have been installed to regulate humidity levels in the container.

Clinics and Pharmacies

Health to all is a buzzword in the world, and containers can come in handy in assuring that everyone has access to health facilities. In remote areas, health facilities can be taken closer to the people in need, and once normal facilities have been erected, they can be moved to another location. Clinics and infirmary centers can be built from a 20ft or 40ft container, and in some cases, containers can be joined together to come up with the required floor areas.

Laboratory Units

We are able to offer the perfect solution for your Containerized Laboratory, whether it is to be used for medical or chemical testing, or in an industrial capacity. Some specifications may include the unit being airtight, or on the other hand, it may need to be well-ventilated with specific extraction systems.

Workshop Units

Shipping containers make the perfect workshops; they are strong and robust, come in all shapes and sizes, are weatherproof, secure, and can have all manner of conversion work carried out on them to ensure you make the most out of your container.

Conference Units

A collaborative meeting room where everyone can convene is important in any workspace. Our Conference Package makes it more inviting with a mini kitchen set-up, white boards, and flat screens – everyone will be ready to work.

Kitchen Units

The food industry has never been saturated, evidenced by the number of food outlets that spring up on a day-to-day basis, and this includes the roadside operators. Our Containerised Kitchens come in handy with all the necessary fitments, as per clients’ specifications. We can supply kitchens with or without equipment.

Dining Units

Pleasant meals can only be experienced in ergonomic and hygienic spaces. We construct dining units in accordance with international standards for construction sites, large-scale events, seasonal and permanent recreation areas, resorts, hospitals, schools, exhibitions, and military camps.

Site Canteens

The Canteens we provide are mostly used in conjunction with kitchens, where a number of people can be seated around tables, with some entertainment being provided in the form of music systems and/or television sets. Such units are fully insulated, fitted with air conditioners and easy-to-clean floors.

Multi-Span Structures

Modern construction sites are often small, and therefore it is necessary to maximize every bit of space that you have for your site accommodation units, by container stacking. SECO understands this, and that is why we build our units so that they can be double stacked to optimize ground space, and fully utilize the useable area on site.

Recreational Units

Outdoor training is a popular concept within the fitness industry, but one downside can be finding a suitable place to work out that has somewhere secure to keep your equipment. You may find the perfect hub, but the outdoor space might not be great. Shipping container modifications mean that you can combine storage and a workout zone in one, in the perfect location.

Mixed-Use Units

More often than not, space is a premium, and to efficiently maximize the available space on site, it is necessary to use combination units. That is why we have designed and built a range of stackable combination units that offer the full site set-up on a smaller scale.

Pop-up Stores

Pop-up shops made from converted shipping containers are becoming increasingly popular as a way to set up a mobile retail unit. From elite brands to small artisanal vendors, shipping container shops represent a quick, low-cost, mobile, and eye-catching way to serve customers on the go. Add your own signage or ask about our decals.

Remote Workforce Containerized Housing Solutions

Addressing the Remote Workforce Housing needs of any temporary facility is a customized experience. Whatever your project requires we can provide or find the right Containerized Solution.

The important things are that your housing is conducive to the climate, space available, local permitting, foundation, and comfort requirements you request. There are many options available, and we will work with you to determine the best approach.

It is also important that the housing identified meets the needs of the client. It is not in anyone’s best interest to offer an assembly line solution “off the shelf” that will require significant setbacks in the future.

  • Accommodation Solutions: Staff accommodation units with either multiple beds per container unit, single beds per room, or both options
  • Ablution Blocks: With bathroom stalls, urinals (customizable)
  • Dining Units: Staff dining hall
  • Storage and Locker Room Container
  • Laundry Units: Laundry room complete with required appliances to make it functional.
  • Container Kitchen: Industrial kitchen for mass dining needs.
  • Container Dispensary

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