The preparation of fresh, nutritious, and well-balanced meals is the heart and soul of our remote camp service.

Being in an extreme, remote or hostile environment means it’s usually pretty difficult to pop out for a sandwich or order in a pizza. In fact it’s almost certain that your diet is totally in the hands of the camp solutions provider.

Whether you are at a construction site in the depths of a jungle, hundreds of miles offshore on a rig, in a remote military base or miles from running water on frozen tundra, SUMMIT will provide a full catering service to meet your exact requirements.

People working in extreme environments are especially appreciative of services that improve their quality of life, that’s why SUMMIT maintains the highest standards of hospitality services for our camp solutions. We are committed to taking care of employees by providing a wellbalanced and nutritional diet. Everything we do in relation to catering and food adheres to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) protocol. It provides a risk management tool that supports other management systems standards across all our food procurement, handling and preparation.

If we can provide world class catering solutions in difficult environments, just imagine what we can do when the only difficult part of a job could be the traffic outside your building. Our flexible business model means we leverage all our knowledge in order to provide first class catering to anywhere in the region, whether that be an amazing buffet at your corporate head office for an important board meeting, an elegant silver service meal for a company event or providing packed lunches for staff working off site.

Specialty Catering

Some clients need or want a level of flexibility, and while we are able to accommodate change requests to the menus we create, this occasionally isn't flexible enough. For these types of clients our chefs take special requests for certain items, adding to the flexibility of our meal plans. An omelet cooked just the way you like it? Our chefs are more than willing to accommodate. We also have a vast dessert selection, for that occasional sweet tooth.


We provide our clients and guests with custom and delicious menus which represent the varieties and tastes preferred by the major ethnic groups being served. Our menus and meal plans are nutritionist approved and always cooked by exceptional chefs.

SUMMIT offers food services to meet the needs of any area, group, or facility. We work with our clients to put together menus that will satisfy our guests, provide an adequate number of calories and nutritional content, and fit within budgetary constraints - without sacrificing quality.

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