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Slope / Shore Protection in Kenya & East Africa

All-natural slopes are subject to continuous erosion forces. Whether the slope has been recently formed as part of new development, or is in its original natural state, some form of erosion protection may be required. We offer a range of erosion protection solutions to suit the slope and severity of erosion forces expected. Most of these products are also designed to facilitate the re-establishment of vegetation on the slope. However, relying upon vegetation growth alone is very unpredictable and unreliable as it is extremely difficult to achieve 100% vegetation coverage, leaving exposed areas vulnerable to erosion. Furthermore, vegetation can die back or become diseased, reducing the erosion control capability.

Our wide range of erosion protection mats increase the soil’s resistance to erosion by providing immediate protection of exposed areas from the direct effects of wind and rainfall impact; protecting seeded topsoil from washing out before vegetation has established. The steepness of the slope will affect the solution chosen. Our erosion protection systems provide surface stabilisation alone for geotechnically stable slopes. Geotechnically unstable slopes will require additional retention systems or soil nailing to be used in conjunction with our erosion protection solutions. Our expertise supports clients facing these problems; our solutions are tailored accordingly.

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