SECO is now certified as service provider for class vessels by RINA


With over Six decades of experience in delivering uncompromising quality, SECO is a leading Shipbuilder in located in Mombasa, Kenya, East Africa.

But SECO is more than a shipbuilder.

The added value of SECO Shipyard, along with others, is:

  • Short delivery period
  • High quality vessel at low costs
  • Readily available building capacity
  • The choice between custom-made design or existing designs
  • Flexibility and tailor made solutions in any way
  • Delivery of the vessel to your port

You need expertise and experience

From design to construction and through-life support, Southern Engineering Co. Ltd (SECO) can deliver all the technical services and industrial resources you need to meet your highest expectations.

Our build methodologies focus on doing the vast majority of construction, outfitting and painting undercover. This not only enhances the health, safety and environmental aspects of the job, it assures the quality of your vessel. We have developed a philosophy of early and progressive system completion that speeds the commissioning phase, and also provides you with an extremely reliable product.

SECO’s expertise in shipbuilding projects include:

SECO capability includes: Barges, Fishing Boats, Tugs, Speedboats, Dredgers, Freighters, Ocean Survey and Research Vessels, Ferries, Yachts and others.

All SECO vessels are made to meet the exact specifications and needs of our customers for every type of activity in the widest possible range of applications.

Completed Projects

Vessel: Research Boat

Albert Nile 1

Vessel: Modular Ferry


Vessel: Pontoon

Alpha 2500

Vessel: Ro-Ro (Ballastable) Barge

Alpha Jimbo

Vessel: Multi-purpose

Alpha Rotterdam

Vessel: Self Propelled Split Barge

Alpha Kirawira

Vessel: Off Shore Support

Mussa K

Vessel: Bunker

Vessel: Jack-up Barge


Vessel: Utility Craft

Alpha Surveyor

Vessel: Survey Boat

SECO 500

Vessel: Tug & Utility Boat


Vessel: Non-propelled Flat Top barge

Shoka 1

Vessel: Accomodation Barge


Vessel: Modular Ferry


Vessel: Modular Ferry


Vessel: Modular Ferry

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