Pre & Post Dredging Survey

Pre & Post Dredging Survey in Kenya & East Africa

Dredging is the process of excavating in fresh water or shallow seas with the purpose of gathering up sediments from the bottom surface and disposing of them elsewhere. To keep waterways clear for navigation, this procedure can be carried out as part of a regular maintenance schedule.  Over time, materials such as silt and sand wash downstream and gradually fill harbours and channels. This natural process is known as sedimentation and can impede on safe navigation of the waterbody.

Any dredging work should involve:

  • A pre-dredge survey
  • A post-dredge survey
  • Some volume computations

These surveys need to be undertaken by a certified hydrographic surveyor to ensure that the data is valid and accurate to the highest industry standards.

Pre and Post Dredging Surveys Provide:

  • A starting point from which to base all calculations
  • An accurate estimation of material to be removed to achieve design depth
  • Information that is invaluable for budgeting, tender documentation and permit applications
  • An accurate computation of the volume of material removed during the dredging campaign
  • Progress surveys can also be undertaken during the dredging campaign to ensure the project is running to schedule

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