Piling & Jetty Construction

Piling is an essential element of the construction process, regardless of whether the building is taking place on land or offshore. Due to our longstanding experience, we have an unmatched knowledge of East African waters and its seabed conditions. Our employees have inherited the collective knowledge and experience of over 60 years of construction operations.


Piling forms the basis of construction, including marine construction, as it provides the fundamental support needed for any kind of structure to be built. Piling is the procedure of setting deep foundations into the ground, usually using wood, steel or concrete. This creates a robust and stable base for construction to commence.


Marine piling is the process of building deep foundations into the ground below sea level to support buildings and structures that are offshore. There is a great level of complexity involved when piling underwater, which is why it’s imperative that only certified professionals undertake marine piling. At SECO, we’re not only qualified to conduct marine and jetty piling but we’ve also had decades of experience piling in East African waters, meaning we’re very well acquainted with the ground conditions.


At SECO, we’re qualified to conduct any marine piling works, this means that we can pile any structures that need to be installed over the water. We offer a range of marine piling services and can customize our piling solutions to fit your construction project needs. Our jetty and marine piling includes:

  • CHS Piles
  • I Beams
  • Concrete Piles
  • Piles of up to 800mm in diameter

Although we can construct piles for any structure over the water, our most common piling projects include:

  • New marina floating pontoons
  • Mooring piles
  • Fixed jetties
  • Private jetties
  • Piles for general anchorage of vessels and other structures


SECO specializes in a wide range of foundation services to meet all your foundation requirements.
We deliver Piling services across the East African region which include:

Sheet Piling

Sheet Piling is used as a retaining wall system, it comprises of uniformed steel sheets that are overlapped. These systems are used for flood effected sites, docks, jetties bridge abutments or a temporary retaining system.

Anchoring & Shotcreting

Anchoring is used to provide support for retaining walls and is stressed to appropriate lock off loads. Once slabs are completed, anchors are destressed. Shotcreting is used for aesthetics of a retaining wall system.

Bored Piles

Bored piles techniques are carried out using modern day drilling rigs, these high strength reinforced concrete cast in-situ piles are an economical load bearing solution.

Cased Piles / Segmental Casing

Cased piling is another form of piling into weak, low durability, sandy or river bed soils. Casing of various sizes and lengths depending on structural elements is achieved by drilling the pile and inserting a 8-10mm steel casing.

Foundation / Shoring / Retaining Wall Design

With a high level of experienced engineers, you can always be sure of an innovative approach. From start to finish we will help you achieve a cost effective and efficient piling design.

Contiguous / Secant Pile Walls

Contiguous/Secant Pile Wall pile techniques are very similar in concept with bored piles however can be completed by bored pile method or continuous flight auger method.

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