OCTG Inspections

SECO inspection division provides a variety of Drill Pipe / OCTG Inspection Services.

We have well qualified in house technical manpower that are capable / qualified for performing inspection ranging from BASIC I API standards to critical well service standards i.e. DS-1/NS-2.

Drill Pipe inspections 

Visual tube inspection, OD gauge tube inspection, Ultrasonic thickness inspection, Electromagnetic Inspections on body for transverse and three-dimensional defects, Heat checking Inspection, MPI slip / upset inspection, Ultrasonic slip / upset inspection, Visual connection inspection, Dimensional inspection black light connection inspection, Wet visible contrast inspection, Refacing services and straightening services.

*Inspections carried out as per DS-1 & API RP 7G-2 spec.


BHA TOOLS, Drill Collar, HWDP, Subs, Stabilizer, Kelly, Fishing Tools

Visual tube inspection for HWDP, Heat Checking inspection, MPI Slip/Upset & center wear pads inspection for HWDP, Ultrasonic Slip/Upset inspection, Visual connection inspection, Dimensional inspection, Black Light connection inspection, UT connection, Elevator & Slip groove inspection for Drill collar, Wet visible contrast inspection, Refacing services, Straightening services for HWDP, Liquid dye penetrant inspections for Non Magnetic Tools, Kelly inspection, Stabilizer Inspection, Subs inspection, Fishing Tools Inspection.

*Inspections carried out as per DS-1 & API RP 7G-2 spec.


Rig parts I Handling equipment

Wet visible contrast Inspection, Liquid dye penetrant Inspections for Non Magnetic Tools, Black Light inspection with AC/DC yoke for Handling tools, Dimensional inspection, Ultrasonic Shear wave Inspections.

(Optional) *Inspections carried out as per API RP8B.APl4G spec.


Casing I Tubing Inspection Services

API full length drifting inspections, EMI on full body for Tubing's Dimensional inspections, Ultrasonic wall thickness gauging Inspections, Retrieved Tubing I Casing Inspections, End area Inspections.

*Inspections carried out as per API RP8B, APISCT & API SA SB spec.

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