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Marina & Breakwater Constructions

Marina & Breakwater Constructions in Kenya & East Africa.

Structures built parallel to the shoreline and seaward of the beach designed to protect the beach and upland areas by causing waves to break and dissipate their energy before reaching the shore. Often used to construct small boat harbors. 

Breakwaters can be located offshore or connected to the shoreline and typically protect marine infrastructure from wave and current action. The breakwater dissipates offshore wave energy, generating calm water basins where port activities can be successfully and safely developed.

Historically, these structures consisted of rubble mounds, protected on both sides by armor layers made of large natural stones or artificial concrete blocks.

Purpose of Breakwaters

Breakwaters reduce the intensity of wave action in inshore waters and thereby reduce coastal erosion or provide safe harbourage. Breakwaters may also be small structures designed to protect a gently sloping beach and placed one to three hundred feet offshore in relatively shallow water.

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