Inspection & Certifications

Inspections & Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Services in Mombasa, Kenya

SECO has the experience, expertise and technologies to assure all of your onshore and offshore assets are maintained as safe, efficient and dependable as the day they were installed.

We identify and resolve points of failure quickly and effectively throughout the lifecycle of an asset, from the design phase to decommissioning. Through engineering design, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), innovative inspection techniques, continuous monitoring and data management, we evaluate failure or the potential for failure, determining for our customers the safest limits of operations. We analyze mechanical damage, define the safest conditions, identify roadblocks to long-term operation, and help ensure they are accounted for before installation or repair. We provide full-service integrity assurance for every element of your gathering, processing and transmission infrastructure.

Our Values

Our success will always be determined by the quality and commitment of our best asset, our highly skilled and committed employees, all driven by our values: Respect, Pride, Truth & Family

Our Strategy

In light of our market outlook, our strategic course for the coming period is based on three pillars: Focus, Optimize and Expand

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