At Southern Engineering we are firmly committed to the health and safety of our workforce and those affected by our operations. All our business activities are governed by stringent Health and Safety principles designed to prevent harm to our employees, visitors, stakeholders and equipment. We strive to avert any injuries at work by raising the awareness of personal safety within the work place and by reducing risks to prevent incidents.

It is the policy of Southern Engineering to:

  • Ensure  compliance  with  all statutory  requirements  on  matters  pertaining  to  health and safety in the workplace in accordance with the most recent legislation
  • Ensure  that   health  and  safety   considerations   are   given   top   priority   and   are incorporated into business decision making and job planning at all levels
  • Ensure that all facilities and equipments  are operated,  maintained and are modified, wherever necessary, to provide a safe workplace
  • Ensure that all plant equipments  are safe and regularly  inspected as required by a government authorised inspector and certified legally safe for operation
  • Ensure that  proper  health  and  safety  rules  and  procedures  are  in  place  and  are followed by all employees and personnel on site and on field work.
  • Ensure that appropriate protective safety gear is worn by all employees, visitors, and personnel on site and on any field work the company is assigned to
  • Ensure that all employees are trained and given proper instructions about health and safety rules and that any hazards / risks involved are well indicated
  • Provide  a  proper  and  adequate   response  system  in  case  of  accident,  fire  or emergency.
  • Ensure  that  follow  up  action  is  taken  to  investigate  any  accident  /  incident / emergency in order to take appropriate measures to avoid recurrence.

All Employees shall share in the responsibility of implementing this policy at various levels.

  • Directors will ensure that sufficient resources are available for the implementation of this policy and will ensure that health and safety rules and procedures are in place in respective departments.
  • An HSE Committee along with the HSE Officer will guide and support the continuous development and improvement of health and safety compliance and performance
  • All Heads of Departments / Managers will be responsible for Health, Safety and Environment in their working places
  • All employees will adhere to the applicable  health and safety rules / procedures as part of their job responsibility and shall use all precautions in performing their duties in order to avoid any accidents
  • These guidelines will be reviewed annually to make changes where necessary as trend demands.