Construction & Rehabilitation of Ports, Harbors & Jetties

Construction & Rehabilitation of Ports, Harbors & Jetties in Kenya & East Africa

Construction & Rehabilitation of Ports, Harbors & Jetties in Kenya. SECO has used its specialist engineering knowledge and experience for the construction of jetties in East Africa. The company can offer both substructures, as well as topside installation works. The substructure of a jetty consists of repeating bents of vertical or raked steel piles, which are driven into the ground by means of hammering, drilling, vibrating or a combination of these techniques. Topside installation works include the installation of all sorts of pile caps, headstocks, temporary and permanent bracings, topside modules, navigation aids, conveyor belts, crane structures and any other facilities required for the project.

Mooring and Berthing Dolphins

Mooring and berthing dolphins are designed to safely moor vessels alongside offshore structures. SECO has unique experience of the construction of mooring and berthing dolphins through many successfully completed jetty projects worldwide. SECO can offer both substructures/foundations, as well as topside installation works.

Quay wall renovation

Quay wall renovation works might be required to reinforce existing quay walls to enable heavier materials and equipment to be handled. SECO can provide services ranging from chartering jack-up platforms as a stable working platform to facilitate drilling works, to the management of full renovation projects.

Jetty Design & Consulting

Are you in the market for a jetty for your business or establishment? At SECO, we have experience in jetty design which has included constructing marine infrastructure for a wide range of businesses including yacht clubs, ports, mining businesses, marinas, government sectors and other construction companies.

Our jetty design services include a comprehensive consultation which aims to outline your specific requirements as well as any size or time restrictions you may have. Our team can provide simple design requirements to full scale marinas as well as providing cost analysis before a project commences to understand budget implications. We’ll also chat to you about the most efficient and effective way to achieve your construction and marine productivity goals.

Marine and Jetty Piling

Piling is an essential element of the construction process, regardless of whether the building is taking place on land or offshore. Due to our longstanding experience, we have an unmatched knowledge of the East African waters and its seabed conditions. Our employees have inherited the collective knowledge and experience of over 60 years of construction operations.

Jetty Maintenance

Ongoing marine maintenance is required by many jetties and wharves in the East African region. Being a coastal region, marine maintenance is an essential part of life and fundamental in ensuring our aquatic lifestyle remains safe and can continue to be enjoyed.

Whenever conducting marine maintenance, we always take great care to perform work sensitively, in a way that minimizes disruption to tourism operations and the environment, including adjacent beaches and access roads. Jetty maintenance is essential for anyone wishing to preserve their investment and safeguard its longevity.

Why You Should Seek Jetty Maintenance

Sometimes Jetty maintenance is far more cost effective, as it is much cheaper to refurbish an existing jetty than it is to build a new one.

There is a lot of regulation around buildings in East African waters and approvals are required to install new piles, these approvals are hard to obtain and often prohibit the construction of new jetties. Undertaking remedial works rather than building a new jetty avoids these approvals, allowing the project to continue.

The cost of building new jetties can be expensive, whilst remedial works are cheaper and can extend the lifeline of jetties for another 5 to 10 years. Allowing businesses time financially plan for new structures in the future.

Common Problems Found During Marine/Jetty Maintenance

There isn’t a problem that we haven’t seen and fixed before, but some of the most common problems we encounter when conducting marine and jetty maintenance are:

  • Structural damage to the piles
  • Damage to main structure and/or the deck
  • Remedial works to the existing structure, such as rust removal and recoating. We use marine paint in order to add corrosion protection and extend the life of the jetty without needing to build new ones.

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