Commercial Diving and Underwater Photography

Commercial Diving and Underwater Photography in Kenya & East Africa.


Built upon extensive experience in a range of subsea interventions, our innovative solutions include diving services for:

  • Hyperbaric Welding and Cofferdam Projects – Repairs to live pipelines and structural repairs to jackets using services such as pre-engineering, welding procedures, welder coding and the supply of all equipment.
  • Cathodic Protection and Asset Life Extension Projects – Materials and engineering for the life extension of offshore assets and retrofitted bespoke equipment by diver or ROV.
  • Underwater Repair, Maintenance and Cleaning – Repairing and changing components or cleaning needed for the optimum performance of drill rigs, production facilities, platforms or underwater infrastructure. Our divers use a comprehensive set of tools for subsea cutting and welding, riser and marine growth cleaning, and flange tensioning and torque.
  • Subsea Intervention, Installation and Construction Support – Support for the installation or connection of production units (such as FPSOs or platforms) to pipelines and subsea infrastructure. For subsea metrology, tie-ins of rigid or other types of connections and free-span corrections we use saturation divers on either chartered dive support vessels chartered or on your own vessel.
  • Underwater Inspection In Lieu of Dry Docking (UWILD) – We can verify the integrity and design condition of your offshore unit, perform visual inspections and non-destructive testing, including cathodic protection and thickness measurements, to help you avoid dry docking. Deploying small ROVs enhances visual diver support and safety conditions.

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