Bespoke Container Conversions

When it comes to container conversions in Kenya, SECO has you covered. We have been converting shipping containers into anything from accommodation units to restaurants and even showrooms for our clients.

Your business is a success, the reason being that you supply goods and services unlike any other business. Therefore, your container requirements are different from all other businesses too. SECO Containerized Solutions offers its customers turn-key container conversions, providing the fittings and peripherals that you deem necessary. You don’t have to adapt your business in order to accommodate a container solution, when a container can be converted and adapted for your special needs.

Have an idea for a container conversion?

Our team are fully experienced, dedicated and used to satisfying customers’ varied container conversion requirements. Our know-how means that any size or location of hired container can be installed quickly and efficiently. From the basic container size and shape, SECO will modify and install to any customer specification. Over the last two decades we have taken your standard ISO shipping containers and turned them into simply wonderful and practical spaces for our clients.

Container Conversions Gallery

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